Are we living on Planet Plan?

Part 2 in the ongoing City Plan blog series

What do you think? What’s important to you? As we plan for a growing city, it may seem like the City of Edmonton has been asking you those questions over and over when we prepare different plans. It probably looks like we’re plan-happy.

“We’re not duplicating efforts, we’re building on them,” says Kalen Anderson, Director of City Plan. “For example, the Vision 2050 engagement had Edmontonians share their ideas about what our community goals should be. Over the next two years, City Plan will gather your ideas on the choices we’ll make to get to those goals.”

2050-Goals-and- Principle

The City Plan is being developed as a tool to help Edmonton chart how to get to a future city. It’s about building a connected community, so Edmontonians can adapt and succeed together in a city of two million that still feels like home. Find more information at

City Plan is a document required by the provincial government under the Municipal Government Act (MGA). City Plan will be both our new Municipal Development Plan (MDA) and our new Transportation Plan rolled into one.

That’s the high fallutin’ side of City Plan. The human side is what we’re most interested in. The Edmonton we love is made up of people who take pride in their city and want the best for it. That’s why we’re asking you to participate in the upcoming engagement events. Tell us what Edmonton needs to protect and what it needs to build for our future.

To help you prepare for engagement, take a moment to read Vision 2050 because it offers exciting ideas for the future — ideas that were developed through public consultation with thousands of Edmontonians. City Plan will grow from this input so that all the recommendations that will someday be included in City Plan support the four Vision 2050 goals. Armed with these documents, city councils of the future will have a strong foundation of citizen ideas and ambitions to help guide their decisions.

Like they say on late night television infomercials, “but wait, there’s more!” As mentioned earlier, City Plan will also be built on the foundation of other plans already developed, or being developed. Those include Breathe: Edmonton’s Green Network Strategy, The Bike Plan, the Bus Network Redesign, and the Energy Transition Strategy, among others. City Plan will take the learnings from those documents and include them in this plan so that we’re not reinventing the wheel.

Over the next two years we’ll be asking for your involvement in the development of City Plan and looking for your ideas on how to grow towards the Edmonton of the future. Public engagement starts in September. To keep up-to-date on workshops and other engagement opportunities, please sign up to our mailing list.

So, like we asked off the top; what do you think? What’s important to you?


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