A Meowntain of population growth expected in Downtown

Where there are people, there are cats

Downtown residents love their cats. Orange cats, black cats, grey cats, hairless cats, all cats! If every household were to register the maximum number of 6 cats per residence, Downtown could be home to around 51,000 cats! Talk about a cuteness overload. While that number is the maximum allowable amount of cats, it does represent how big Downtown is, and how much it is growing.

Cat growth chart

If you thought the ancient Egyptian Sphinx was a lot of cat…

Over $5 billion is being invested in the Downtown core and The Quarters Downtown. This includes new apartment buildings, office towers, and amenities. In 2015, 140 residential units were completed. Does that seem like a lot? Hold on to your catnip because there are another 1,500 units currently under construction, and another 2,000 units that haven’t even begun construction yet! All of these new households means Downtown’s population is expected to nearly double by 2030, and we can expect our cat population to do the same.

By this math, if all Downtown residents had the maximum cats, Downtown could have up to 93,000 cats by 2030. If you were to line up 93,000 cats, the line would stretch 42 Kilometers; from Downtown all the way past Leduc!*


We’re excited about our new world-class Downtown! The cats are too!

Downtown is becoming more and more oriented around walkability, livability, and vibrancy. This is just as great for cats as it is for humans. So get out your lint rollers because the cats are comin’ to town!**

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*This hypothesis is completely untestable as science has proven no one can get even two cats in a straight line.
**Litter boxes and cat food not included



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  1. Robin Inskip
    3 years ago

    How do I sign up for Downtown Newsletter and for the Go Downtown website? I am a new downtowner and happy to live here.

  2. Jennie
    3 years ago

    It’s kind of true. Here’s a link to a very CityKitty shot taken in our Downtown Edmonton condo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jenniedo/27367189454/

  3. Kristine Kowalchuk
    3 years ago

    There are feral cats in many places around downtown. The city would do better to humanely deal with that issue than post articles like this.


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