A First Place for Every Stage

A lot has changed since Janna Plewes moved into her brand-new First Place home in Caernarvon in late 2013.

For one thing, Janna got married, right in her new living room.

Janna and husband Ogbay on their wedding day

Janna and husband Ogbay on their wedding day

“Afterwards, we went for photos at Beaumaris Lake, which is so close,” said Janna, who is a social worker with the City of Edmonton. She also likes the fact that several schools and parks are close to her new townhome.

First Place is a cornerstone of the City’s strategy to ensure there’s a range of housing choices for everyone, in all areas of Edmonton. This particular program provides entry-level townhomes that allow families, young professionals and recent graduates to buy here rather than take their skills and community involvement elsewhere. First Place homes sell at regular prices, but mortgage payments are lower because the City defers the cost of the land portion of the sale for five years.

Owning her first home was a chance for Janna to host visitors. “It is great to have a place for my friends and family to stay,” she says. “I’ve travelled around the world and often have friends visit from other countries, and now I have a place to put them!”

Janna receives her key from Mostafa, the Landmark sales representative for Carnarvon Keep

Janna receives her key from Mostafa, the Landmark sales representative for Carnarvon Keep

Moving into a brand-new home also meant that Janna could show off her decorating talents. “I got to put my own stamp on the home — it was a blank slate when I moved in. I was able to make the kitchen and guest room into exactly what I wanted, which was exciting. I’ve put up pictures, paintings and other treasures from my travels.”

Janna now has a few more months to prepare for the other big change in her life: a baby! “My husband and I are excited and collecting items for the baby already. What’s been really handy is that getting the baby’s room ready will be easy. We don’t have to paint or do other renos — everything is new and ready for him or her when he or she arrives!”

To learn more about the First Place Program visit our website for all the details. You can also read the first chapter in Janna’s story here.


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Carla Putnam Kerr is a Communications Advisor for the City of Edmonton.
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